UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres – Florence – 1 October 2009 / 3 October 2009

The World ForumofMediation Centreswas created in 2001 by the Mediation Commission of the UIA. It brings together the most important commercial mediation andADR centres from around the world and offers an occasion to exchange views on the development of ADR and best practices. It is also an occasion for centres to collaborate on specific programmes.

The meeting in Florence will be the 13th since the creation of the Forum.

This meeting is,more than ever,dedicated to the future ofmediation. What is its future?What are the new inputs of psychology to better help the parties in mediation and co-mediation? How to overcome the reluctance to mediation and draft efficient ADR clauses?.

Florence programme and form BAT (formato PDF – dimensione 950 Kb)